1. Allergy & Intolerance Testing

  2. Massage Therapy

I am a registered Massage Practitioner and Allergy and Intolerance Therapist based in North Wales.  My clinics are at Axis Therapy in Bangor, Gwynedd and at Therapi Madog in Porthmadog, Gwynedd.

The intention of both disciplines is to support your body’s natural healing ability and help to restore balance, good health and well-being.


A course of massage provides you with time to relax  and take care of yourself.

I use sports, remedial and therapeutic massage techniques in your treatment sessions.

Discover how you can improve your sports performance, manage pain, or recover from injury and illness. 

Or you may want to book a massage simply to relax and unwind.

Allergy & Food Intolerance Testing

Many people are struggling to cope with symptoms of allergy, food intolerance and sensitivity.

Our approach at the British Institute of Allergy & Environmental Therapy has been successfully identifying and treating allergies in adults, children and babies since 1985.

We can identify the foods or substances causing your allergies and find solutions to your concerns.

To book your appointment please contact me on

Tel:  07941 641597

Email:  claredrew@yahoo.co.uk

Clare Drew ITEC dip. BInstAET BCMA

      Clare Drew

    Allergy & Massage Therapist

07941 641597


“I recommend anyone going to Clare for a massage.

I was experiencing really bad headaches and migraines as a result of working too long on the computer and stress whilst doing my PhD. Her massages got me though it. She doesn’t bully your body into submission, instead she coaxes your muscles firmly but sensitively.  

Similarly, she got me through my pregnancy which induced painful back and head aches – so thank you Clare!

I now go and have massages as a form of preventative treatment, as the quality of life is so much better without pain or discomfort.”


“Both I and my family have been treated by Clare Drew and have found her treatment very useful. As a result, I have also suggested that some of my patients consult her. The feedback from these patients has invariably been positive. I often refer patients with digestive problems and find her assessment is very useful to establish whether there are intolerances to different foods.

Environmental factors can also be very difficult to pin down; one patient of mine in particular was hugely helped in the following way. She seemed to have a chronic sinus problem that had defied conventional investigation here and in Harley Street. Clare’s testing suggested that she was sensitive to North Sea Gas. Once she changed her cooker to electricity, her symptoms resolved.”

Dr K, GP